The Goa Express

Promising and enthusiastic garage-rock.

Lovable quintet The Goa Express is from – and around – Burnley. They released their debut single ‘The Day’ back in 2019, and despite plenty of airplay they waited almost a full year until follow-up ‘Be My Friend’ hit shelves and playlists.

The Goa Express do things on their own terms and in their own time. Following four promising singles and a management contract with Rough Trade, expectations loom large over the quintet, but they remain calm and collected: Good songs take time, and they’ve already proved that new Goa Express material is well worth the wait.

The quintet consists of brothers James Douglas Clarke (vocal and guitar) and Joe Clarke (keyboard) and their friends Joey Stein (guitar), Naham Muzaffar (bass) and Sam Launder (drums and percussion). Together, they make a brand of garage-rock with a hint of psych, but more than anything else, they’re the sound of enthusiasm and good times at the pub.

Lockdown turned out to be a blessing in disguise as they took some well-needed time to write new songs. When they hit SYD FOR SOLEN, they will bring plenty of brand-new songs along with the killer singles they’ve already shared.


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