The National

Modern indie rock’s best live band returns.

The National are the heavyweights of melancholic indie-rock. For 20 years they’ve been playing the long game: From their debut album in 2001 through their breakthrough records ‘Alligator’ and ‘Boxer’ and up until the magnificent ‘I Am Easy to Find’ (2019), The National always stayed true to their sound, tweaking and refining their sound elegantly for every release.

On stage, however, is where you will connect with the quintet on the deepest level. Swaying gently from side to side with mic in hand or rushing to the crowd, this is where frontman Matt Berninger and The National belong: Among fellow music-lovers ready to turn even the toughest of heartbreaks into catharsis and celebration.

Along with Berninger, the band consists of the Devendorf brothers Bryan and Scott handling the tight rhythm section and the Dessner twins Aaron and Bryce on guitar, piano and several other duties. The secret behind The National’s success and endurance? Everyone in the band contributes, everyone is important, everyone interprets the darkness and helps us see the light.

Returning to their adopted home country of Denmark, The National are ready to headline a dreamy Saturday.


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