Wet Leg

Indie rock’s biggest One To Watch

Wet Leg are one of most promising indie darlings of 2021. Consisting of Rhian Tesdale and Hester Chambers, two long-time friends from Isle of Wright, their breakthrough hit ‘Chaise Longue’ references Mean Girls, is layered in sexual innuendos and is a contender for one of the best debut tracks of this year.

With ‘Chaise Longue’, Wet Leg have already made their American TV debut on Late Night with Seth Myers, and their dreamy, slightly sardonic take on indie rock has already sparked a lot of excitement around the globe. With just four tracks out this far, Wet Leg have already announced massive tours around the US, the UK and Europe in 2022. Imagine what an entire album could do, then?
Well, say no more. Signed to Domino, Wet Leg will release their self-titled debut album in april 2022, and if the first four tracks are anything to go by, we’re in for a powerful, charming and by all accounts funny journey.

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