The food and beverage selection at SYD FOR SOLEN is carefully handpicked by Meyers Madhus, the leading explorer of Nordic food in this country. Meyers present a palette of delicious food and refreshments by progressive, sustainable and local food vendors.

Read below to meet all the food vendors at SYD FOR SOLEN.

Bike and Bake is Michele Lucarelli, the Italian-born and Copenhagen-based pizzaiolo with more than 20 years of experience.

Established in 2016 as an ambition to cook pizza out in the open, Michele’s mobile pizza oven has been a huge succes across the country. At SYD FOR SOLEN, Bike and Bake brings an entire trailer fully loaded with Michele’s neapolitan specialities.

Located in the heart of Copenhagen Zoo, Bistro Panpan‘s restaurant next to the state-of-the-art Panda House is an eyeful. The food—a gourmet experience for both adults and children—is a mouthful.

At SYD FOR SOLEN, Bistro Panpan will serve their signature style brioche hotdog with duroc sausage, red curry, truffle mayo, and pickled red onions. You can also taste the crispy spring rolls with fried field mushrooms, scallions, and ponzu.

Make a run for Depanneur if you’re craving legendary bagels.

The Copenhagen-based and Québéc-inspired convenient store offers two versions of their landmark speciality at SYD FOR SOLEN – a bagel with braised beef brisket or with brisket-styled seitan. Rinse with mouth-watering lambrusco.

A dhaba is a roadside food stall in India. Copenhagen North West’s Dhaba, however, take all the essentials of this Indian roadside eatery and add a Nordic twist on top.

At SYD FOR SOLEN, Dhaba will light up their tandoor oven and serve naan along with two steamy hot dishes. Pick between a classic butter chicken dish or go vegan with Dhaba’s cauliflower butter “chicken”.

Do you smell that? That sweet whiff is coming from Dough Girls.

Having only existed in Copenhagen for a few years, The Australian family business of baristas and bakers has quickly established itself as a cornerstone of savory desserts. Dough Girls offers freshly fried donuts made from fresh and local ingredients, sprinkled with a wide range of delicious toppings.

Through cooking and the potential of meals, Højskole uden mure offer a solution to the issue that more and more young people do not get a secondary education. It’s great food and an even greater cause.

Højskole uden mure and their young cooks will line up soft and sustainable tacos with ling and fermented cabbage as well as glazed eggplant with chick peas and tomato salsa.

If this is your first time at a Danish festival … wow, we envy you. You’re in for a ride.

Meyers offer a bonafide festival classic. Their pork roast sandwich is the icing on the cake to any outdoor musical epiphany. At SYD FOR SOLEN, Meyers give you the choice between a summery green dish with Danish legumes and the unadulterated festival classic.

Here comes your new best tomodachi!

Mochi Time is a new concept in Copenhagen that opens up to a different and fun pampering of your tastebuds. Taste Mochi Times’ delicious ice cream, and pick your favourite Mochi between a long list of potential suiters. There’s vanilla, dulce de leche, strawberries, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and licorice.

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