eee gee

Mixing pop and country music with humour and ease, eee gee is one of the most exciting new songwriters in Denmark.

With just a few singles under her belt, eee gee has made a name for herself in no time. Danish songwriter Emma Grankvist makes the sort of confident empowerment pop that makes you wonder just where she’s been all your life.

There are quiet moments like All Or Nothing and the subtle grandeur of a song like Killing It reminiscent of Natalie Prass. The confident fragility of eee gee is that of a songwriter who wears her heart on her sleeve and stays optimistic when the going gets tough.

With one foot in country and Americana and the other in pop music, eee gee hits the sweet spot with disarming humour and a triumphant sound. Nordic melancholy, American highways, catchy melodies, it’s all there.

With plenty of airplay in her native Denmark, eee gee doesn’t intend to stay a national secret much longer.


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